Meet Team Alabamboo: Marc O’Brien

We’ll be sharing more about Team Alabamboo in the weeks leading up to the ride. Read on!

What motivated you to participate in the Alabamboo Bike Ride?
The whole beginning was a half-joke while on a bike ride with John Bielenberg & Brian W. Jones. During one of our lunch rides, I mentioned the idea that “before I turned 30 (which was about 13 months away) I wanted to ride across country.” John joked around saying that I should do it on my NADA bike (a fixed gear) for the whole trip. We all laughed and continued with the joke. By the end of the ride we had a rough idea of building a Project M initiative around the ride using Alabamboo for our bikes and assembling a team of core riders. Since then, it has snowballed into what it is today.

Why do you care about something that is happening in Alabama, a state that is more often the punchline to a joke about poverty?
I was a part of the month long Project M South 2009 session which produced (blank)LAB & During that month, we got to know the town of Greensboro, Hale County, and the surrounding area. We befriended many people, visited beautiful landscapes, and immersed ourselves in the local culture. I have been back to Greensboro a handful of times since June 2009, always eager to visit and always sad to leave. 

How do you think the ride will reflect on Alabama?
Using Alabamboo for our bikes and building a strong story based around Hale County will no doubt reflect Alabama’s enduring spirit and pride.

What do you know about Alabama that you can tell people that you meet during the Bike Tour?
The possibilities in Alabama are endless, the people are amazing, and the culture is strong.

What would you like people to know about YOU and this project?
When I set my mind on something, I accomplish it no matter what.

Note: These questions were posed to us by Cherokee Lair for an article in Alabama Magazine.