The Team

Team Alabamboo is Jason Dilworth, Nicole Lavelle, Rose Lavelle and Marc O’Brien.

Jason Dilworth
Designer, hobo, educator.
What motivated Jason to share the Alabamboo story?

Nicole Lavelle
I am an artist and graphic designer living and working in Portland, Oregon various parts of the Great Wide Open. I have spent half of my life in San Francisco and half in Oregon. The concept of place is very important to me and it permeates my work and my movements. 

What motivated Nicole to take this ride?

Rose Lavelle
Lives in Portland, Oregon. Rides bikes. Has a cat named Pickles and two sisters.

What motivated Rose to share the Alabamboo story?

Marc O’Brien
Designer, Nomad. Optimistic, Imaginative. Mover, Shaker. Team Player, Group Leader. Bearded, Cyclist. Thinker, Doer. Engaged, Seeker. Trusted, Friend.

The phrase “Keep Moving” has been with me for a short time, which I adopted from fellow Project M’ers. But it’s a phrase that sums things up so perfectly. A forward motion, a lifestyle, a mindset, a way to always embrace life head-on, never standing still. Life offers you so much… take it, run with it, ride towards it, make something out of it. Keep Moving. / @think5577 
What motivated Marc to share the Alabamboo story?